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About Tough World Tougher Girl


I get it. Being a girl in today’s world is tough! More than ever before. We have to match all the many different expectations of our families, our peers, our teachers, even people we don’t know all while trying to grow and find out who we really are.

We are expected to look like a Victoria Secret Angel while having the personality of Amy Schumer. We’re supposed to have a job, join extra curriculum activities, and have a perfect relationship with all our friends and families. All of this while maintaining straight A’s in our classes.

We have to show only the best side of us on social media because there is constant comparisons. We get compared to this girl or that girl or your ex’s new girl…or even the “other girl” he’s talking to that you don’t know about (it happens.)

We are  expected to find “the one” in high school and have our future set in stone by graduation. If not we “don’t have our lives together.”

It’s a never ending battle of expectations and comparisons. It’s Tough… with a capital “T”.

Believe me, my life has had it’s fair share of bumps, bruises, scrapes, all the above.  However, I also know that I am very blessed to go through it all and come out on top. I know that all of the tough times in my life have not only molded me, but has made me tougher.

It’s hard to go through anything, but to go through it alone is so much harder for you. Whether it be a break-up, a death, rumors, a break-out, anything.

About Tough World Tougher Girl

Entering this page…

I don’t have life figured out, and I never will. When I think I have the slightest of clues the rug gets pulled out from underneath me and I’m on the floor, clueless, once again.  I can tell you, though, that when I’m on that floor I think to myself, ” Okay, lesson learned. I need to tell the next girl in line about that one.”

Yes, you will hear all about my mistakes, my low points, my not so good decisions. All of it.  Some have a fairy-tale ending, others- well, not so much. But there is always a lesson I was able to learn to pass on.

I want this page to be a place where you can learn and grow. I am a firm believer of God and a incorporate Bible versus into all of my blog posts. Reading the Bible is how I was able to learn most, if not all my lessons in life, therefore I will be sharing all the versus that have helped me along the way.

God put me on this Earth to make mistakes, learn the lesson, and teach others. I don’t want to just exist on this Earth for making mistakes and going on with life without doing something about it. I want to reach out and help others as God has called us to do. My hope is that you’ll learn from my mistakes and avoid having to go through the same things. If you happen to have made the same mistakes, then my hope is that you find an opportunity to learn from everything you go through.


About Tough World Tougher Girl

We may not agree on things and that’s okay.

I’m still learning and I may not get it all right. I just ask that we keep everything clean and positive (and that you don’t sue me if my advice doesn’t help). It’s a great thing when all girls come together and cheer for one another instead of always being against each other.

I firmly believe that with God’s hand in this we can all help each other out and change our outlook on our life problems and lessons. We can all get through this tough world by becoming tougher girls.


From one tough girl to another!


P.S. If you have anything you want to talk about or have any questions please email at toughgirl@toughworldtoughergirl.com.  If you have any  suggestions on the page or topics, please email at suggestions@toughworldtoughergirl.com. You can also go to the Contact Page and write in with a question or suggestion. 

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